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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ Englisch

How much time do I need to visit Eltz Castle?

However, please calculate around 2,5, or even better 3 hours from where you park your car.

Last update on 10.06.2022 by René Schick.

When are the guided tours in English and French?

Guided tours in English and French are offered on request.  

We strongly recommend that groups book foreign language tours in advance with the castellan’s office. 

Last update on 21.03.2022 by René Schick.

Is photography and filming permitted at Eltz Castle?

Please take note of the following regulations if you would like to take photographs and film at Eltz Castle:

  • Photography and filming is permitted at Eltz Castle for private purposes only.
  • Images and films may not be used for any commercial or political purposes.
  • The owner of Eltz Castle, Count Eltz, has the exclusive copyright to all photographs, films or other images of the castle, including details and furnishings, that are not purely for private purposes.
  • Eltz Castle is a private property and can be seen, photographed and filmed only from the equally private Eltz Forest. The so-called “Panorama privilege” is not valid here. The “Panorama privilege” only applies if a building can be seen and photographed from public pathways.
  • Photography and filming is permitted outside, in the courtyard and in the Treasury. Photography and filming is NOT permitted inside the castle.
  • The use of flashlights and other lighting is NOT permitted inside the castle as this causes the sensitive historic colours to fade.
  • Please apply to Eltz Castle for permission to use photographs or film material for books, selected printed material and/or digital imagery as well as for artistic and/or documentary purposes. The same applies to film material.
  • The photographer’s copyright remains untouched by the above-mentioned restrictions.
  • Further information about world-wide photography rights, including Eltz Castle, can be found under

Last update on 21.03.2022 by René Schick.

Is it permitted to Fly Drones at Eltz Castle?

Flying Drones is NOT permitted anywhere outside or above Eltz Castle, nor anywhere within the nature reserve Eltz Forest, which extends 1.5 km around the castle. The castle is a private property and home. Thank you for your cooperation.

Last update on 21.03.2022 by René Schick.

Feel free to contact the castellan’s office should you have any more questions or require further information:

Telephone: +49 2672 95050-0
Telefax: +49 2672 95050-50

Last update on 21.03.2022 by René Schick.