Eltz Castle

Arriving by Train

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On weekends & holidays:
all the way to Eltz Castle

Book now with DB Bahn and travel on all weekends and bank holidays from 1st May until the end of October. From any Railway station all the way to Eltz Castle: By train to Hatzenport or Treis-Karden on the Moselle and from there with the new Burgenbus (Castle Bus) to Eltz Castle Car Park!




bahn.de - trip planner


Every Day: via Moselkern Station
Trains stop at Moselkern hourly from Koblenz or from Cochem/Trier. Find your best train connection under DB Bahn.

From Moselkern Station to Eltz Castle,

On Foot: along the Elz River (5 km, 90 minutes) 
Click here for further information about this beautiful hike
By Taxi:
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