Eltz Castle

Eltz Castle – A Hiking Adventure

Two footpaths depart from the car park to Eltz Castle, both of which offer unforgettable views of the castle and fascinating insights into the protected Eltz Forest.

  1. The private road (800 m, 10 minutes)
    This short walk starts at the barrier on the car park and descends steeply past a viewpoint to the castle. This route is also used by the shuttle bus. Please note: This is the only route suitable for pushchairs.

  2. The footpath (1.3 km, 15 minutes)
    This gently descending footpath begins at the lower car park and takes you through untouched nature. The views over the valley and the surprising "500 DM view" of Eltz Castle are stunning.

Recommendation for more seasoned hikers

The award-winning dream hike "Eltz Castle Panorama" (12.6 km, 5 hours)
One of the most beautiful hikes in the Rhineland-Palatinate takes you around Eltz Castle, through the Eltzbach Valley, the Eltz Forest and the southern rises of the Maifeld. For seasoned hikers. More Information

Other Hikes to Eltz Castle:

"Up the Romantic Eltz Stream" (2.5 km, approx. 35 minutes)
This trail starts at the Ringelsteiner Mühle in Moselkern and in a light to medium ascent follows the Eltzbach through the nature reserve Eltz Forest to Eltz Castle.

"From Müdener Berg to Eltz Castle" (1.7 km, approx. 35 minutes)
This beautiful and sporty route is only for seasoned hikers. It is very steep in parts, but offers a unique view of the two castles Eltz and Pyrmont.

"From Karden to Eltz Castle" (7 km, 2 hours)
This challenging route is for seasoned hikers only. It takes you to Eltz Castle from Karden through vineyards, meadows and forests, offering spectacular views of the Moselle, the Hunsrück and Maifeld.

"From Pyrmont Castle to Eltz Castle" (9.5 km, 2.5 hours)
This hike between the two castles Pyrmont and Eltz reveals all the beauty of the Eltz Valley. Tipp: On weekends and public holidays there is a shuttle bus between these two neighbouring castles.
Click here for information about the Castle Bus or go to www.bahn.de