Eltz Castle

Famous Visitors

Many important personalities have visited Eltz Castle in the nearly 900 years of its existence, including emperors, kings, crown princes, prince electors, grand dukes and other crowned heads. Other guests included heads of state and their wives as well as the great poets and painters of different epochs.

An unwanted visitor: Prince Elector Balduin of Trier, the brother of Emperor Henry VII and great uncle of Emperor Charles IV, came in 1331 and had the castle bombarded with cannons and catapults.

Later visitors luckily came with peaceful intentions. Just to mention a few of them:

Emperor Frederick III – alias the Emperor of 99 days – was a close personal friend of Count Karl zu Eltz, and as crown prince frequently visited the castle with his wife Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria. His son, William II, the last German Emperor, also visited the castle.

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxemburg attended the opening of the Treasury at Eltz Castle.

Victor Hugo, the great Romantic poet, came, saw and was enraptured – and wrote enthusiastically about the castle.

William Turner, the English painter and inventor of the Rhine Romanticism, visited a few times and painted the castle from many different aspects.

The German presidents Karl Carstens, Horst Köhler and Christian Wulff honoured Eltz Castle with their visits, as did the American First Ladies Bird Johnson and Rosalynn Carter.