Eltz Castle

A Castle set within in a Natural Paradise

Surrounded by forests, far from any roads or modern buildings, Eltz Castle epitomises the fantasy of the untouched, unpopulated Middle Ages like no other historic building. The Berlin art professor Hermann Wiesler summarised the magical effect of this place with the words: "The good Germany turned into stone".

More than 300 hectares of the Eltz Forest have been declared a nature reserve by Flora-Fauna-Habitat and Natura 2000. This comprises the flood meadows of the Eltzbach Valley as well as the forests on the steep slopes that once supplied fuel for the castle. The forest has been declared an "Arboretum", a forest with a particularly rich variety of indigenous and foreign tree species.

All the typical and rare animal and plant species found in or near water, in brushwood or in forest biotopes can be found in the Eltz nature reserve, but this precious biotope can only survive if hikers, horse-riders and cyclists remain on the dedicated paths.
Please help us to preserve this paradise!