Eltz Castle

The Unique Armoury and Treasury of Eltz Castle

The Eltz Castle Armoury and Treasury comprises one of the most important private collections with more than 500 exhibits from 8 centuries (see also the picture gallery on this page).

The exhibition focuses on artworks by German gold and silver smiths, particularly from Augsburg and Nuremberg. Other items on display include precious glass and porcelain, extravagant jewellery, ceremonial and real weapons as well as other curiosities from eight centuries.

Important Information for all Visitors:
The attractions in the Armoury and Treasury can be visited at any time during the opening hours. The exhibits are well labelled. There are no guided tours through this exhibition. Your entrance ticket includes your visit to the Armoury and Treasury.

Foreign visitors are given a free brochure with an English translation of the labels in
the exhibition.